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Description of "Spiritual Manifestation" of George Washington at the Philadelphia World Exhibition in 1876.

Notes on Henry Olcutt and other mediums, who have traveled to India and "passed into a sphere beyond."

Booklet with account of Spiritualist practices around the world. Includes instructions for conducting a seance, as well as listing of different kinds of mediums. Medium specialties include: clairvoyant and test medium, physical manifestations,…

“Mysteries Of Hypnotism” 1889
Clipping describing Dr. Henry S. Drayton’s lecture on “The Evolution of a ‘Sixth Sense’” and experiments involving duplicating unseen drawings. Includes this description of the dual perception of…

David Harrower’s Letter to the Editor, describing spiritual painting session. Harrower cites Joseph Peace Hazard’s recommendation of Mrs. Debar, who is responsible for “wonderful spiritual manifestations” in New York City.

Clipping from “The Banner of Light,” sent by Luther Colby to Joseph Peace Hazard. Quotes another publication which refers to “the fraud-condoning concern known as the Banner of Light”; includes defense of the “The Banner of Light” as “slow to…

Description of “Spiritual Sittings” with Edward Clark, during which “the table began to move, and before the close of the evening, it would not only rock most vigorously; and on the following evening, this Table would frequently run all about the…

Notes discussing the history of “Modern Spiritualism,” including “rapping Mediumship” of Kate Fox, the “Cock Lane Ghost”, the “Salem Witches”, and Church’s suppression of mediums and seers. Includes description of Hazard’s early visions of children…

Request from Joseph Peace Hazard for recommendations for materializing mediums in the Boston area. Includes response from Luther Colby with names and addresses of materializing mediums.

Letter regarding mediums in Boston, including a healing medium who cured Colby of pneumonia while 100 people died in the care of "'regular' medical practitioners".

Letter in which Colby describes divided state of Spiritualism:

"We are being kicked, as usual, by Spiritualists, who want to boss us, but can't - as well as by enemies of the Cause. I am getting tired of this sort of life. Do you…

Letter defending medium Miss Debar, who is accused of "swindling" Judge Marsh. Includes note regarding "ascended brother Thomas":

"Whenever your ascended brother Thomas reports, I will send you whatever he communicates. He is somewhat annoyed…

Letter regarding persona article Hazard sent, which Colby does not wish to print. Includes message from "Spirit brother Thomas":

"While answering your note, I get this communication from your Spirit brother Thomas. He says, (which I copy below)…

Letter responding to inquiry regarding Mrs. Hull, who holds private sittings in Boston. Includes post-script regarding Dr. Slade, a "drunk" medium in Maine: "What a pity it is that our psychics, after - like an unruly cow - giving plenty of milk,…

Letter acknowledging Hazard's donation to "God's Poor Fund" and relaying message from Hazard's brother Thomas, "now a resident of the Spirit World" who "would like to communicate privately" through Colby's office's new medium, Mrs. Smith.

Letter describing "needy and sick Spiritualists and mediums" and recommending working mediums. Includes instructions to send lock of hair to a healing medium if medical treatment is needed.

Letter relaying message from Joseph Peace Hazard's recently deceased brother Thomas. Includes query regarding $600 Thomas had put up to bail out a medium.

Letter regarding eulogy for Mr. Ayer, builder of "The Spiritual Temple" in Boston. Includes Hazard's thoughts on the Christian Church's beliefs in "the reality of Spiritual Manifestations of today, though most of them are opposed to them"; and notes…

Letter attesting to Hazard's personal experiences and belief in Spiritualism--that Hazard "never felt any apprehension of fraud at any of the thousands of Spiritual Seances" he had attended--and notes that the presence of skeptics at authentic…

Letter regarding the "Haunted house" in Wilmington, Delaware, which Hazard had mentioned to the Seybert Commission. Mentions Hazard's friendship with Henry Seybert. Includes account of John Ladd, a Newport carpenter-turned-"Spiritual Medium" who…

Letter discussing Spiritualism within the Hazard family, including employment of healing mediums by Rowland G. Hazard. Includes account of "the Banshee" and Hazard's travels in Italy and Ireland.

Letter asking for recommendations for "Healing Medium" in Boston. Mentions Sarah Rockwood, a healing medium who attended Rowland Gibson Hazard at the end of his life, and Mary Hull, who was employed as a medium by Thomas R. Hazard.

Letter to John C. Bundy, Esq. 1889-03-14
Letter in which Hazard comments on "The Fox Girls" who have "in their old age - disavowed Spiritualism" and confessed their fraud. Hazard notes that because the women have become "intemperate" that their confessions are suspect. Includes mentions…
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