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Description of spirit intervention which protected Hazard from a potentially dangerous encounter with a bull.

Describes Hazard's experience hearing and feeling the ghost of his friend's deceased father, who advised Hazard on how best to help his friend.

Description of visit in June, 1857, to English windmill haunted by a female ghost.

Notes discussing the history of “Modern Spiritualism,” including “rapping Mediumship” of Kate Fox, the “Cock Lane Ghost”, the “Salem Witches”, and Church’s suppression of mediums and seers. Includes description of Hazard’s early visions of children…

Incomplete letter regarding tour of Scotland, including sitting with former servant of Sir Walter Scott and encounter with the ghost of Robert Burns.

Letter to John C. Bundy, Esq. 1889-03-14
Letter in which Hazard comments on "The Fox Girls" who have "in their old age - disavowed Spiritualism" and confessed their fraud. Hazard notes that because the women have become "intemperate" that their confessions are suspect. Includes mentions…
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